Gaby djorghi bakrie, Model 80"-90"

Gaby Barkie (née Djorghi) is a successful restaurateur who owns several establishments including Twilite Café, Magenta, and WWWok. She studied Law at the Trisakti Unversity, Jakarta. A true beauty herself, she tried her luck in modeling when she was younger.

She, and other names from her family including Indra Usmansyah Bakrie, Eda Bakrie, Intania Bakrie, and Adinda Bakrie, has become regular fixtures in the city’s high society.

Despite all the abundance of privileges in her life, Gaby still manages a humble and giving personality. Because after all, beauty comes from within.
A true beauty
Celebrating her birthday at Puro
Indra & Gaby Bakrie
Indra & Gaby Bakrie
Family comes first; at Indra’s birthday
Best friends; Bianca Lutfi, Cynthia Risjad, Gaby Bakrie
Intania, Arya, and Gaby Bakrie
Breakfast at Bergdorf’s?